professional strength & conditioning cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals
Pete Prinzi, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Major League Baseball - St. Louis, Missouri

Key Features

professional strength & conditioning tracking

Velocity Tracking

In the MLB, every rep counts. That's why the Cardinals use built-in velocity tracking to measure the power of every rep.

professional strength & conditioning health

Health & Feedback

Understanding and measuring athlete feedback gives a program another strategic advantage and takes a strength program to the next level.

professional strength & conditioning mobile

Mobile Access

Pro strength coaches are always up close with their athletes in the weight room. Our mobile platform is right there with them.

The Problem

Before working with TeamBuildr, Cardinals' head strength coach Pete Prinzi recorded specific workout metrics from each athlete on paper. Pete uses Tendo units to measure bar speed and velocity on each rep, including tracking reps done with the left, right or both arms. Measuring and recording velocity and power in the MLB is imperative in order understand improvement on a granular level.

However, gathering and aggregating that data was a process ripe for improvement. Like many strength and conditioning programs at different levels, time spent on administrative paperwork in the MLB is seen as a drain on time that could be better spent working individually with players improving form, monitoring reps, and collecting feedback.

The Solution

Coach Prinzi initially adopted TeamBuildr as a solution to improve his data collection process, which it did immediately upon adoption. In addition, TeamBuildr became a way for the Cards’ strength staff to build and store workouts online. The cloud-based software program would allow each coach to manage the workouts for the franchise no matter where they were and allowed the staff to collaborate and share as opposed to emailing spreadsheets.

The Cardinals have also beta-tested many features that incorporate professional strength training management to other TeamBuildr subscribers including health (specifically post-workout feedback), which allows a coach to choose up to 4 questions for athletes to answer directly after a workout. The answers are then aggregated into a report for the coaches.


Coach Prinzi and four of his strength coaches now seamlessly share a single exercise database loaded with video instructions. Workouts are built for each athlete on an individual basis in real-time whether that player exercises in the club’s facilities or anywhere else in the world.

The Cardinals have participated in intensive feedback in order to improve the product. Players now enjoy a customized experience on their smartphones every time they record a workout.

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