high school strength & conditioning bluejay
Liberty High School
Chad Frigon, Head Football Coach
Liberty, Missouri

Key Features

high school strength & conditioning attendance

Attendance Tracking

Take attendance and run reports on workout participation using a tablet or smartphone.

high school strength & conditioning rankings

Real-time Leaderboards

Maxes and records display in real-time for each team or position group.

high school strength & conditioning communication

Team Feed

Stay up to date with comments, personal bests and team records in the Team Feed stream.

The Problem

Before using TeamBuildr, Liberty High School would print out team workouts on paper packets in order to be filled out and returned to the coach. Coach Frigon was last using a computer program called Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) to generate the workout. Among the many inefficiencies were mass amounts of wasted paper, lost workout sheets, and many hours of data entry after the sheets were returned.

Additionally, Coach Frigon states that one of the biggest challenges of conducting high school S&C is working with a large range of athletic abilities, experience and motivation. However, the process of building workouts was so inefficient that it was impossible to account for these differences when creating workouts.

The Solution

Considering the school’s recent commitment to provide technology upgrades to teachers and students, Coach Frigon set out to find a solution that could leverage tech to streamline the high school’s strength and conditioning.

After coming across TeamBuildr, pitching the strength and conditioning software to the administration was relatively easy: the administration saw the online training platform as a way to incorporate the school’s technology goals into the PE department. They especially loved the progress tracking component which the faculty thought would bring positive reinforcement through rankings, improvement tracking, and a social media feed for the weight room.

Additionally, a free trial with TeamBuildr proved that the system – which signs up athletes using email addresses - was user-friendly for both coaches and athletes.


TeamBuildr now allows Liberty High School to streamline the process of building workouts for individual athletes or player groups, thereby creating a more effective strength training program.

Athletes can get suggested weights based on percentages and are even encouraged to compete against past performance. Once athletes complete their lifts, they can simply type in their results into a smartphone or a school-provided laptop.

Lastly, Coach Frigon states: "TeamBuildr is a program that is equally effective for regular students taking weight training as a PE elective to a Division 1 athlete. It also allows my weight training programs to become united under one platform, without having do to the same workouts. Our workouts can be sport-specific but still allow teams to work together as a school or program."

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