college strength & conditioning hornets
Lynchburg College
Dr. Steve Smith, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
NCAA Division III - Lynchburg, Virginia

Key Features

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Packet Building

Print team workouts into PDFs, providing each athlete with an individualized workout with just a single click.

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Team Texting

Send mass texts to teams, players or position groups from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Custom Skin & Portal

Customize the TeamBuildr portal with school colors & logo including a custom login portal.

The Problem

At the beginning of Coach Smith's tenure as head strength coach at Lynchburg, he typically wrote down workouts on paper in the weight room even after testing multiple software programs.

Up until 2012, only one software program was suitable enough to be used for a single team; however, it only offered resistance training – nothing else. In fact, adding and editing workouts with that program for the entire 500 athletes in the Lynchburg athletic program would "have taken forever."

As the only collegiate strength and conditioning coach at the university, managing workouts for 500+ athletes was becoming an administrative burden – not to mention the limited space and a microscopic "S&C" budget. According to Steve, the ability to streamline operations and maximize time is the single most critical aspect of training that many teams.

The Solution

Coach Smith, who was constantly looking for improvements out of necessity, found out about TeamBuildr through word of mouth. After a few short discussions on the phone - including an online demo - Coach Smith stated his case to the school. After a video presentation to the school's athletic administration, TeamBuildr was quickly adopted to be the online strength and conditioning platform for Lynchburg College.

In fact, Coach Smith recalls how the head coaches gave immediate buy-in because of they wanted workouts distributed instantly in order to eliminate the "lag time" of having to create and hand off paper packets. More importantly, everyone in the athletic department saw the benefit of utilizing technology athletes already use as a conduit for workouts.


The Lynchburg strength program never prints workouts now unless someone has to. Recording and storing data during "max day" or for timing runs is now done directly on TeamBuildr via a tablet. Preparing workouts for all athletics teams at Lynchburg now takes 1/3 of the original time. Most importantly, every single piece of data for every one of the 500+ athletes is accessible in just a few clicks.

According to Dr. Steve Smith, "the access to the workouts has made our athletes more prepared for competition. The proof has been demonstrated on the field from countless conference championships, national rankings, and national championships."

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